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TorSteelTorsteel Company Limited was founded in 1975 by Joseph Oliva. A sought after expert in steel fabrication and operations, Joe brought his wealth of knowledge directly to the industry when he began Torsteel over 35 years ago with the philosophy that ‘quality, service, and reliability get the job done’. This principle has grown Torsteel from a man with a dream 35 years ago, to the team with a vision that we are today. Joe Oliva’s vision was and still is to remain a leader in the steel fabrication industry grounded on integrity and strong business ethics based on his original philosophy of; Quality, Service, Reliability.

Torsteel’s expertise in custom detailed products keeps us at the forefront of the construction industry. We have grown to encompass architectural, ornamental, structural work in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, tool steel, and brass.

Torsteel’s business philosophy is a simple and proven model employees and customers know to be synonymous with the Torsteel name, QSR – Quality, Service, and Reliability, in all aspects of our business this principle is consistent.